The EcoArt Piano Cafe & more is a real project that resulted from the successful combination of art, music, ecology and innovative entrepreneurship.
Literally would say that it is a mixture, a combination of street art, street music, street foods & drinks, with ecology and recycling, since their manufacture can be successfully used up to 70% of waste - used materials and renewable energy sources (photovoltaic, etc.).
For the creation of the project i combine the most of my art style and techniques and my purposes are each one to be made to be different and unique in appearance and design.
A new street points for coffee & more!!! 

More photos and information from the first real prototype soon......

Chris Tsonias - ARTECOART - Recycled musical instruments & orchestras - recycled  art & design - SCULPTURES & LOUDSPEAKERS - ABSTRACT & POP ART

    Welcome here where ECOLOGY combined with ART & MUSIC


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