Thierry noir museum project

For Thierry Noir Museum  Chris Tsonias  create  51 Sculptures in different sizes (from 20cm small to 3m up) and style and 3 big  3D Installations for the gallery exhibitions.


For Thierry Noir Jazz exhibition Chris Tsonias create many different sculptures, some of them in very big dimension (2,7m up),  musical instruments and 3D installations and also the Bar , sponsored  from Hennessy  company for the open exhibition day.

For Thierry Noir Museum & Jazz Sculptures & Musical instruments  Chris Tsonias Inspired by Thierry Noir

Thierry Noir is the street artist, painting outdoor surfaces (famously the Berlin Wall) all over the world for more than 30 years, adding colour, line and a quizzical cheerfulness to public spaces, writes John L. Walters.
He is ferociously prolific, making work in a wide variety of media – on cardboard, canvas, cars (a Reliant Robin in Bristol, U2’s Trabants) – and now, with his current Shoreditch show titled ‘Jazz’, vinyl. The installation, at the adventurous Howard Griffin gallery, took him six weeks to complete, much of the time spent in collaboration with Chris Tsonias, the Greek artist who constructed the 3D artefacts – Noirish guitars, violins, horn players, jukebox, a piano and a bar made of gigantic guitarists.


Chris Tsonias - ARTECOART - Recycled musical instruments & orchestras - recycled  art & design - SCULPTURES & LOUDSPEAKERS - ABSTRACT & POP ART

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