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    Welcome here where ECOLOGY combined with ART & MUSIC


Because I never been a good painter, but always a passionate fans of this Art and artist also too,

I decided to deal with her, however with my own Alternate way.
Artworks full of colours, looks  like abstract art paintings, made with brush and spatula - knife technique, but  is made without any use of paint.
With the use of alternative materials, such a fabrics - textile only and using techniques who learned and

developments from my involvement with the construction of my musical instruments from these materials.
Unique and unusual work and technique , with very interesting texture and I made it with the intention to emit musicality. 
Always passionate about new things, uniquely, new open field and new possibilities to be discoveries and refinements.
I managed, an the  initial result has left me quite satisfied.

         POP ART
After I use my new technique to create an Abstract artwork only from textile-fabric material without any use of paint , suddenly i inspired and  i have one new creative idea to mixed this new abstract technique and style  with a Pop Art style and to create a new mixed media technique and style .
In my first works I use fabrics for the creation of the background and paper for the figures. My purpose is in to my next artworks to use almost entirely textile-fabrics and only.
Very original creation which combine an abstract and pop style in one with new technique and material.

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